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iOS photo camera app with extended manual controls and features for photographers and photo enthusiasts.

Capture RAW photos with auto or manual exposure.



RAW + JPEG/HEIC photo capturing

Select RAW (DNG) format for advanced post-processing. RAW format stores more uncompressed information captured right from the camera’s sensor and allows to recover shadows/highligts in the post-processing app.

Manual ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation

Work in Full Auto or Manual exposure modes. Get total control over your iPhone’s camera.

Manual white balance controls including low-level gains control support

Tailor perfect white balance in lowlight or candid environments. Change temperature and tint or directly alter RGB channels gains.

Exposure and focus points selection

Spot exposure metering mode and accurate focusing.

Manual focusing

Lock focus or get precise focusing distance which can’t be achieved with auto-focus.


View RGB and lightness histograms in perceptual and linear scales.

Image stabilization

Take sharp photos even with slow shutter speeds (JPEG/HEIC only).

Horizon level

Keep track of the horizon level for ideal composition.

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